Level 1

Technical Writing – $60-$80 per hour

Grant writing, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Employee Manuals, Volunteer Manuals, User Guides, Theme creation, etc.

Level 2

Technical Review – $40-$60 per hour

Grant review, SOP editing, Employee Manuals editing, Volunteer Manuals Editing, User Guides editing, Mission Statements, 6 word stories, etc.

Level 3

Basic Writing/Review – $20-$40 per hour

Blog content, Website content, Advertising content, Social Media content, basic editing, format editing, Resume content, etc.



*Pricing will vary dependent upon specific projects (time constraints, amount of content, structure of content, etc.) . If a business has their own scale of pay for writers, I am amendable to alternate formats. Please “Contact” me for further questions or options concerning pricing.