Content Writing

Needing a powerful impact statement? How about a mission statement that could afford to be “tweaked”? A resume that you don’t recognize anymore? And let’s not forget that lonely web page that’s been sitting around for longer than you’d like to mention.

I offer a detailed, analytical walk through of all content from websites, advertising materials, resumes, blogs, etc. I’ll create a plan specialized for your needs, and a 3-step customization package that get’s you the exact content you’re looking for. I specialize in effectively simple content that speaks in a voice dedicated to your vision. My goal is to help you utilize the power of words to their fullest extent. My content writing experience includes nonprofits and businesses alike.

I believe that content should focus on three objectives: the origin story (or basis), the main story (your current challenges or goals), and what makes you special or unique. In other words, I want to separate you from the fray, put you in a spotlight, and give you a chance to shine while giving your readers the most basic, but educated, understanding of your business or your foundation as possible.

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“I am so grateful for the resume, cover letter, that MJ created for me! She was timely, detail-oriented, and a pleasure to work with! I am very excited to get my resume out there! Great job!!!” ~Dakota Shook

“You are a miracle worker!!  I think it looks wonderful!!!” ~Lisa Ellis