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Have you ever believed in something so much, you would have died to protect that belief?What if one day you discovered the truth, the real truth, and it isn’t what you have known, it isn’t what you thought it was, it isn’t what you had spent your life believing. What if you discovered that what you were willing to die for was wrong? What would you do to redeem yourself? What would you do to find the truth? What lengths would you go to in order to set things right? Who would you be willing to become in the process? Addison Henry had a belief, and now she has the truth. The question is, what is she willing to do to set it free? For your reading enjoyment, MJ Fjeld is pleased to present: The Brides of the Fallen

Jenny Blue is an anomaly, not only on Earth, but also to the realm she belongs to. The realm that thinks she’s dangerous, the realm that tries to keep Jenny from existing. In order to be free of them, Jenny, Harper and her companions have to cross the five realms, facing Demons, Dragons, Angels and Death in order for Jenny to be free of running, in order for her to be free to simply exist. Which, as it turns out, isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds.  For your reading enjoyment, MJ Fjeld is pleased to present: The Five Realms: Enemies

A short story detailing one mans thoughts before he dies. A prisoner who’s only prison isn’t the cell he’s living in, but also the prison he’s created inside of himself. For your reading enjoyment, MJ is pleased to present: Awareness     (Content warning: This book contains content that could be offensive, ie: Language.)