BEautiful Woman

After getting back from a Sheri Dew conference, my soul is inspired in the sanctity, the beauty, and the divine nature of women.

“A full blown blitz is happening in the world today, because women are so vitally necessary to a family and to society. The adversary absolutely hates us because of the breadth and depth of our influence.” Satan knows that in order to destroy the family, he needs to destroy women’s divine nature about their role in the family. In a world that is striving for gender neutrality, gender sameness, I am striving to differentiate between men and women, to lift each other up because of our differences, and to support and embrace our differences because they are what make us divine beings.

Studies show that women are naturally more graceful, gentler, more patient, and more tender than men. What are these gifts for if they are not for service? Both in our families and in our societies. For a woman to abandon her family in order to fight against the stigma of a ‘stay-at-home mom’, or to prove a point to society about her necessary presence, abilities, or worth, is to give in to the adversaries most recent plans to destroy the family by sophistry.

“No one can do what you have been sent here to do. No one can take your place or fill your shoes. God needs you to gather your courage and do your part.” Perhaps the more courageous part for a woman to fulfill in this world, is not to prove that she is equal to it, but that she is set and firm in her convictions that she has been called to live about it. To live in the world but not to be apart of the world.

Studies have shown that nothing is more important to a successful society than the success of the family. Mothers are absolutely vital and necessary for that families success. And yet, as women of this modern world we are told that simply being a mother is not enough, it is the easy way out, it sets us back in our modern rights, it diminishes us, it hinders us, it weakens us, and it is inconvenient. To those accusations, I ask this question. Which is of more worth, your earthly career and status, or your eternal family? Do you serve the world, or do you serve God? Where does your heart truly lie for you cannot serve two masters? I am all for women to have jobs and ambitions and be set above as leaders and exemplars, but only after their duties to their families are fulfilled; otherwise, as their careers find success, their families suffer, and nothing is more important to God than for a woman to fulfill her divine nature if she is given the chance to.

“Wherefore, I say unto thee, that thou shalt lay aside the things of this world, and seek for a better.”

Have the strength to stand against the masses telling you who to be in order to have worth in this world. Build your worth upon God’s thoughts of you, not the worlds. For with God is true happiness and purpose found. With God there is ultimate peace, and with God there is ultimate progression.

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